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Age-Appropriate Infant Care & Toddler Education

Give your children the head start they deserve at Kinderbook Children's Centers of Plainville, Massachusetts. Our qualified educators and care professionals deliver the very best in both infant care and toddler education, ensuring that your children are ready when school comes around. With this head start, they'll be ready to take on academic subjects with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. Both our infant and toddler programs are available at both locations.


Infant Program

Our passionate caregivers take care of infants from 6 weeks to 15 months. In this program, we focus on nurturing and caring for the young children who will one day grow into society's leaders. Our responsive staff makes certain that your child feels secure and loved, and we have the flexibility to accommodate your child's schedule. This ensures that each young one feels comfortable in their new environment.

Toddler Education

From the ages of 16 months to 2.8 years, our toddler programs help children become more independent and grasp common concepts. There are two toddler classrooms, and the second is more independent than the first. The program is designed specifically to promote independence while building self-esteem and providing a positive, age-appropriate learning experience.

In early childhood settings, theme-based learning is an important part of growth. Children in our program are offered various opportunities to explore sensory, literature, and both gross and fine motor experiences while developing problem solving, coping, and pro-social skills within each theme. The programs prepare your child for the step up to preschool and Pre-K.