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Since 1997, Kinderbook Children's Centers has been dedicated to helping raise the best and brightest. Our Plainville, Massachusetts, location has graduated countless talented children since we opened. Below, you'll find the kind words of just a few of the parents we have had the honor of serving over the years.

"I am a first-time mother of twins who struggled with the idea of putting my children in daycare. Upon my first visit to Kinderbook, the staff put a lot of my concerns at ease with their welcoming attitude and empathy for my concerns. Kinderbook has become a support to me as they have been flexible with my work schedule and always welcomed my telephone calls and questions about how the children are feeling during the day. The children have grown developmentally and emotionally since starting at Kinderbook at nine months old. They have enjoyed engaging in many of their planned activities including Imagination Celebration and their themed projects. I have appreciated the staff's ability to build a safe and creative environment where I can send my children daily. Kinderbook has successfully managed to meet my needs and the needs of both of my children."

– Stacey O. –